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Contemporary Zimbabwe Sculpture

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Zimbabwean stone sculpture, also know as ´Shona` sculpture, is one of the many instances where African artistic abilities meet and mix with Western aesthetic sensibilities. This collection of more than 2500 Zimbabwean stone sculptures is almost exclusively composed of very early sculptures from Tengenenge, a community with a confluence of people from different cultures within the Southern African region. From 1966 onwards farmworkers were turned into stone sculptors by the proprietor of Tengenenge Tom Blomefield. They found their material in abundance in local quarries; the early Tengenenge sculptures being mostly made in serpentinite, renowed for the many colors it comes in after being polished or waxed. More than 60 stone sculptors make part of this historic collection among who Fanizani AKUDA, Leman MOSES and Henry MUNYARADZI have become more than household names.

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