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Buddha Eden Garden

Buddha Eden Garden
Garden of peace

The Buddha Eden Garden is set within the lush grounds of the famous Quinta dos Loridos estate in Bombarral, a few kilometers south of the popular old town of Obidos. The garden itself occupies about 35 hectares of the 100 hectare property. Over 6000 tons of marble and granite Buddhas, lanterns, terracotta soldiers and various oriental sculptures of all descriptions and sizes have been carefully placed amongst the natural vegetation. This green space with its large central lake is a place of peace and tranquility where we invite you to discover its myriad of pathways or just to rest on the grassy banks by the lakeshore. The central staircase is the focal point of the gardens where our golden Buddhas welcome you with calm serenity. Our terracotta soldiers, 700 strong, buried as they were in china some 2200 years ago, are each hand painted and unique. Koi fish populate the streams and lakes whilst sculpted dragons rise up from the waters edge.

The Buddha Eden Garden was conceived by J.M.R Berardo in response to the destruction of the great Bamyan Buddhas. The Buddhas of Bamyan were two monumental statues of standing Buddhas carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan, northwest of Kabul. Built during the sixth century, the statues represented the classic blended style of Indo-Greek art. They were intentionally dynamited and destroyed in 2001 by the Taliban, after the Taliban government declared that they were "idols" which are forbidden under Sharia law. So saddened and outraged was Mr Berardo of the callous and deliberate destruction of the cultural heritage of the Afghan people and of the whole of the world that he embarked on the creation of his latest garden project as homage to the Bamyan Buddhas.

Buddhism teaches that every human being has the potential to become happier, kinder and wiser-even infinitely so. The Buddha was a human being who, through his own efforts, realized the Path to Enlightenment. Rooted in awareness that all things are impermanent and constantly subject to change. In the same way this spiritual garden with no religious affiliation opens its gates to all people of all religions and ethnic backgrounds to come together, to communicate and meditate, to rest and rediscover a happier and kinder self on a path to enlightenment and ultimately peace within each other and for humankind.

Buddha Eden Garden
Quinta dos Loridos
2540 Bombarral

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