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In the early 1900s, many artists were invited by advertising agencies to create images that would induce the public to buy products. This kind of work became appealing to creators, who channeled their talent into the graphic arts, beautifying packages and making products more attractive. Since most material was usually destroyed after the advert being finished, this collection becomes exceptionally important. The main part of this collection, gathering together about 1000 pieces, comes from the Estate of James Haworth & Company, one of the main British advertising agencies. This company worked with some of the most famous British advertising artists, namely Edwin Byatt, Albert Buck, Reginald Mills, Louis Johnstone and Louis Shabne. Given the rarity of available pieces of this kind, the study of this collection is most useful in terms of aesthetic analysis, since it allows us to compare the technical and stylistic options of advertising designers to the ones of visual artists who were their contemporaries.

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